Varahi Swamigal Anna Seva Trust

This trust is recognized under 80G of the I.T. Act 1961. This trust takes care of the important are of providing food.

(i) For devotees who visit the manthralayam everyday

(ii) The inmates of the Manthralayam.

(iii) The resident children in the Gurukula.

(iv) The devotees who turn out to the temple and in large numbers on new moon days, Full moon days and on festival days. Generous people, who have an inclination to contribute to this great act of feeding other people, are good in number.

Maha Sangetha Trust

This trust takes care of mentally and physically challenged people. The trust accommodates them at the ashram and looks after their needs.

It takes care of providing education to the deprived and needy and the service to the society activities. A school offering education from Pre K.G to class 1 under the name "Bala Vidya Gurukulam " is run by the trust. This fulfills the aspirations of the downtrodden by enabling their children to get education in English medium. The boarding and lodging of about fifty children are taken care of by the Varahi Anna Seva Trust

The other activity has a clear, planned work giving importance in making available the services of doctors who are specialists in their field of work. Medical camps are convened in regular intervals in villages around. Service minded doctors - devotees of Manthralayam bring with them facilities like clinical labs, ECG and the required staff to investigate the ailments of the people. Camps on the heart diseases, diabetis and eye camps are conducted. Patients who need further treatment are attended by the doctors without causing any expenditure to them.

Children who are very slow in their learning behavior are allowed to stay in the ashram and pursue their education. By virtue of the friendly nature of the inmates of the ashram and swamiji, they turn into a motivated lot. Varahi's Mystic yoga is named by swamiji and that is practiced gives the devotees confidence and inspiration and a focus in body and mind. Aspirants in Varahi's Mystic yoga are very passionate and participated in state level and national level yoga programs.

Varahi Manthralayam Trust

This trust concentrates on the religious spiritual cultural and other related activities of the manthralayam. Swamiji teaches Dhasamaha vidhya upasana, varahi upasana, sri vidhya upasana for those whose aim is to practice spirituality.